Friday, October 21, 2011

The astrology of Gaddafi's Death- Our first dedicated video post!

Gaddafi's death marks a new development in the constant changes wrought by the Arab Spring. Here's a 5 minute examination (via flash video) of Gaddafi's death and what's next for Libya. Leave a comment with your thoughts, suggestions, or ideas, here or on youtube!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New moon in Scorpio... deeper questions

Saturn in Libra, a potent aspect to the cardinal square of last summer, was recently joined by the sun, Mercury and Venus in Libra, highlighting our responsibilities with and to other people, as well as balance and fairness (Libra is, after all, the scales). Mercury and Venus, however, have since moved into Scorpio, and the sun will be soon to follow. There will then be a New Moon in Scorpio as soon as the moon catches up to the sun on October 26th.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings. The astrological patterns of the new moon can give us clues as to the month ahead. Sure enough, we seem to be in the middle of lots of events, all with the theme of social responsibility and accountability. As the sun and inner planets move into Scorpio, the next month may have Scorpionic themes of catharsis, regeneration, uncovering truth. One notable aspect is the Sun/Moon combo in Scorpio opposing Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus has given us expansion and optimism in the realm of our resources and what we enjoy and are comfortable with- an appreciation for the finer things (beer encouraged), perhaps a more patient or conservative outlook.

As a position of optimistic stability, Jupiter must face the challenge of the sun, moon and outer planets in Scorpio. Scorpio demands a deeper understanding, necessary change, action taking and issues of power. This is much less comfortable than Jupiter in Taurus. Such an opposition brings into awareness our values, optimism versus exaggeration, what we have versus what we desire. Aspects between the sun, moon and Jupiter can also bring ego issues into the mix. And, as always, oppositions bring the energies of the opposing bodies into awareness of each other. Jupiter is also retrograde, adding a more introspective element to these themes. What's happening within our selves that questions our resources, our values?

Keep up with the protests in Washington and around the country over the next month. The themes of this new moon opposition may present themselves! The iconic Wall Street Bull is a potent symbol- a sign of financial assertion and optimism (as well as the symbol of Taurus), right in the middle of a growing movement that demands self-assessment, questions, and a search for the truth. Uncanny? You bet. Stay tuned!