Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebrity Sun Sign Series: Mohandas Gandhi

Well, after a short hiatus (thanks in part to working, beer-making and being sick), I'm sorry to say we've missed the chance to discuss our second famous Virgo- Sean Connery. Ah well. It's October, and the sun is currently in the sign of Libra. Libra is the first sign on the southern side of the zodiac (which, a little counter-intuitively, is the top half)- as the opposite of Aries (which pioneers Self), Libra pioneers Others, and traditionally rules the 7th house (the descendant in the chart, the beginning of the southern side). Each zodiac sign has a "traditional" rulership over one of the 12 houses, helping to shape the significance of the houses (though this rulership changes in individual charts).

Libra is represented by the Scales. This sign is associated with cooperation, equality, popularity, compromise and charm. It is an air sign, making it mental and social, ruled by the planet Venus- which gives the sign a pleasant, harmonious demeanor (maybe even a hint of glamor?). It is more easy-going than our previous sign, Virgo.

(Case in point: notice the crossed legs and dangling footwear)

Possibly one of the greatest embodiments of Libra's strongest virtues is the late and beloved Mohandas Gandhi. Gandhi channeled the socially conscious, diplomatic and conciliatory aspects of his Libra sun into one of the greatest examples of non-violent civil disobedience in history, which led to the independence of India from the British.

Gandhi studied law in London as a young man (one of several careers well-suited to the Libran's disposition towards justice and advocacy). Shortly after returning to India, he moved to South Africa to continue working as a Lawyer. He helped to advocate for the rights of Indians living in the country, who were harshly persecuted by the ruling white class. During this struggle, he developed his ideals of satyagraha, or non-violent protest (a perfect Libra effort- showing the action-taking nature of Libra's Cardinal placement in the zodiac combined with its penchant for non-violence and resolution).

In 1919, as the British colonial government pressured Indian citizens with taxes and conscription for World War I, the city of Amritsar was placed under martial law as people began to gather in protest. During one such gathering, which drew many Indians who were not aware of the martial law in place, British soldiers fired upon a group of men, women and children, killing nearly 400 people. Gandhi, in response, implored his fellow Indians to maintain peaceful non-violent protest (not easy to do when your occupiers are slaughtering your fellow countrymen- and, indeed, violent resistance was beginning to develop). He was always stuck in the middle, yet unyielding in his impartiality. When faced with deadlocks in his campaign for peaceful protest, he would turn his action inward upon himself through refusing to eat until resolution was reached. Even in the face of great challenges, Gandhi stayed, I daresay, steadfast to his principles...

Libras have a tendency to take on responsibilities on many sides, and this can present a challenge if certain parties feel betrayed by anything less than one-sided support. Gandhi, unfortunately, was no exception. In spite of his opposition, the Muslims and Hindus in the Indian subcontinent split in 1947, leading to mass migrations between India and Pakistan- as well as brutally violent rioting and bloodshed. Gandhi himself did the best he could to intervene and prevent bloodshed, as well as advocating financial support for Pakistan. This angered the Hindu Mahasabha, a group of Hindu extremist nationalists who saw Gandhi's efforts in this support as detrimental. In 1948, Gandhi was shot in the chest on his way to speak at a prayer meeting by a Nathuram Godse, who had ties to this group. After working so hard to please both Hindus and Muslims, Gandhi was killed by one of the very ones for which he advocated.

Gandhi represented Libra at its best- a steadfast policy of truth, justice and service to others, coupled with impartiality and a commitment to peace. This great man would continue to inspire non-violent protest in the years to come.

Unfortunately for us, Gandhi didn't really "get his drink on", as it were. The closest thing to Gandhi's "adult beverage of choice" would probably have to be goat's milk- as humble as the man himself.



Sarai said...

Very cool bro. I'm seriously thinking that your college education coupled with your intuitive astrological ability is really an awesome modern take on how astrology is relevant and relatable to soo many of us and our experiences.

Seriously dude, you should be getting paid for these articles. You need to pimp them out. Seriously.

I'm proud to call you my brother.


Margaret said...

Aww, goats are so cute.

Did the various religious influences in his life (being a Hindu, obvious Jain inspirations) related to his libra-ness??

I think you can do Sean Connery anyway- I certainly won't care if it's late, and you need to cater to your readership ;)