Monday, February 6, 2012

Pluto, Saturn, and the Great No-Nonsense of 2012

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Saturn in Scorpio cordially invites you to a gala evening of "cut the crap."

In my last post, we discussed the significance of Uranus and Neptune in the development of the the online world we've come to love and depend upon. One of the major aspects that strengthened Uranus and Neptune over the past few years was their mutual reception, or the presence of each planet in the sign ruled by the other planet. It's as if Neptune went to Uranus' downtown loft, and Uranus went to Neptune's windswept cottage on the beach, and they both agreed that it would be alright to drink each others' beer.

This same mutual reception is poised to take place in a few short months between Saturn and Pluto. Pluto, for several years, has been passing through Capricorn. Saturn has been passing through Libra for a couple of years now (read about where you may be feeling Saturn's hard lessons!) One of the defining characteristics of Saturn being in Libra is that it is exalted.

What is "exaltation", anyway? Exaltation refers to a system called dignities and debilities, developed by astrologers thousands of years ago to assess the strengths and weaknesses of planetary placement. There are four essential dignities still in common use amongst most modern astrologers. These essential dignities are conditions that the planets may find themselves in as they pass around the zodiac.

-Rulership is the zodiac sign ruled by the planet- Mars, for example, rules Aries.
is a supportive zodiac sign that helps the planet- Mars is in exaltation in the sign of Capricorn.
-Across from exaltation is the sign of a planet's fall- an uncomfortable position that lowers the planet's strength; Mars, in this case, is in fall in Cancer.
-The sign of detriment was traditionally considered the most difficult sign for the planet to visit, opposite its sign of rulership. Mars, therefore, is in detriment in Libra.

Saturn, exalted in Libra, has had a harmonious and strengthened journey the past two years. The harmony, balance and tact of Libra have provided the constructive support for Saturn to manifest itself with ease. The usual charm and idealism associated with the sign of Libra, however, are not enough for Saturn. Saturn in Libra requires hard work and compromise. Consider the political theater of the U.S. Congress in recent years. As political ideals meet tough financial realities, there is no choice but to painstakingly debate, battle, and ultimately compromise on every issue. While nothing new in politics, this process has nevertheless been excruciatingly difficult with Saturn in Libra.

This October, however, Saturn will complete its passage through Libra and move into the sign of Scorpio. The hard karmic lessons of compromise and impartial justice will downshift to the deeper emotional realm of Scorpio. Responsibility and challenges related to sexuality, death, debt, and subconscious power struggles will become Saturn's focus. No longer exalted, Saturn will not be as effectively show-stopping as it has been. We've all learned our lessons about compromise and justice (we promise!)

The most important shift as Saturn moves into Scorpio will be its mutual reception with Pluto. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, continues to move through Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Like Uranus and Neptune, Saturn and Pluto will give each other reinforcing energy and support. But unlike Uranus and Neptune, Saturn and Pluto will form a sextile aspect with each other in December, just two months after the beginning of their mutual reception. The sextile aspect is a separation of 60 degrees, or two zodiac signs, between planets. It is a supportive aspect that allows the planets the opportunity to work together. Already in mutual reception, Saturn and Pluto will truly be working hand-in-hand this December. Late Fall into Winter of 2012, we should see a definite shift from compromise to catharsis.

Pluto has already been slowly grinding through Capricorn, challenging the structure, hierarchy, and systems of power and government in our modern world. Saturn in Scorpio does not share the need for tact and compromise required by Saturn in Libra. Pluto and Saturn, working together, have a simple but painstaking mission- cut the crap. We might call their work together "The Great No-Nonsense of 2012." Both planets seek accountability, question power structures, open us to our deeper selves and the challenges we need to face. There's an opportunity here for tremendous change, for finding the inner strength to accomplish goals and cut through all manner of nonsense and frivolity to understand the true nature of ourselves and our society.

I'll be the first to admit, this does not sound particularly fun. But neither planet is concerned with fun, especially when they're working together on a difficult job such as the catharsis we need in our world today. With an aspect like this, I believe there's a strong potential for healing, both personally and in the world at large. The road to that healing might simply be a bit rough.

So, with the few months left of Saturn in Libra, let's do what we can to assimilate the lessons of compromise and fairness that we've had to learn over the past couple of years. Our ability to collaborate, knowing when to be impartial, and being aware of our relationships can go far in helping us work through whatever challenges we may face down the road.

What about you, readers? What hard lessons are you learning? What do you think Pluto and Saturn have in store for us? Leave a comment!


nikiastro said...

Pluto in Capricorn has been nailing me to the powerful WALL of compromise, change, redefinition, and fear!! Saturn has balanced the load with gentle support in relationships!

James Page said...

A catharsis implies a crises of some sort by now you may be familiar with the HSBC investigation which the Department of Justice of the Obama administration is not going to prosecute saying it's a bank which is too big to fail even though this bank laundered 865 billion dollars in drug money, warlord and petty dictators. The toll in lives both deaths and lost homes and jobs is enormous. There is a movie coming out just now "The Art of Killing" (PLuto/Saturn/Neptune)
which I believe will show how bizarre government can become and we think it can't happen here? A couple months ago the leader of the Island country of Cypress decided to straight take 25% of everybody's money in the bank to pay some debt owed the IMF or World Bank. We had a bail-out during the bubble burst of 2008 and we still don't know where the trillions of dollars went. This corruption is 200 plus years old (Pluto in Capricorn when the US was founded in 1776) and it is very elitist and very deep rooted.
Who will punish the criminals when the government says they are to big to fail though it is this very system which must be changed? James Page