Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Next Phase

In today's post, I'm breaking one of Astrology's biggest rules: "Don't take on a massive undertaking during Mercury retrograde." There is one aspect of Mercury retrograde, however, that we often forget- and that's the introspective, intuitive side of the three week period. While my scooter has already mysteriously broken down and I've been late everywhere I go (typical Mercury retrograde), I've also had time to reflect on my astrological practice. After studying for years and exploring a variety of concepts here on Drunken Astrology, I am now beginning my professional practice.

What can you expect from an astrological analysis? You can expect an in-depth look at your chart and how it reflects you and your life. A chart analysis can highlight opportunities and difficult areas that you may be experiencing, and how you can use your astrological strengths to their full potential.

My true specialty, however, is spatial or relocation astrology. This area focuses on how astrological energy manifests on the earth itself, and how travel or relocation activates your chart. When we move or travel, we break out of the status quo of daily life, and open ourselves up to a host of astrological influence. A spatial astrology analysis can help you navigate the changes of moving or traveling, and help you take advantage of new opportunities.

If you're interested in any services or have any questions, email me at:

We have a ton of astrological events to discuss in the times ahead. Astrology may not have all the answers, but it can help you get a deeper understanding and a new perspective on the events we face, both in the world at large and our everyday lives. I'd like to help you get that new perspective.

So, this Mercury retrograde, double check you didn't lock your keys in your car or wash your cell phone. But also take a minute to relax and reflect, and don't be afraid to take a chance occasionally...

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Sarai said...

Congrats bro on going PRO!

I was wondering why things seemed kind of stuck in the mud, loose ends that I can't seem to get tied up, etc. Mercury retrograde would explain it...